Voice of the Customer

Are you Listening to the Voice of the Customer? 

Voice of the Customer is one of the most important tools that brands have in their armoury, but is simply listening to customer feedback enough? Brands need to not only listen to the Voice of the Customer, but act on what they receive and let them know when something’s being done about it. Read on to find out how our Fast Feedback solution can help you to listen and act on the Voice of the Customer, and keep them Raving!

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Why second guess yourself?

The Voice of your Customers is the most powerful tool in your armoury. Why? It’s consistently authentic. Instead of relying on intuition to drive changes, by asking customers to share their feedback in their own words, you can prove their importance. All you have to do is ask them.

Why is Voice of the Customer so important?

Take a walk in your customers’ shoes – would you still take the time to share your feedback if you thought nothing would be done about it? No? Didn’t think so. Nobody wants to feel as if they’re talking to a brick wall, which is why listening to the Voice of your Customers is so important. A whopping 68% of customers leave a brand because they believe that they don’t care about them – scary thought isn’t it? But by simply acknowledging them and letting them know that their voice has been heard, you can keep your customers Raving about you.

Our Voice of the Customer Technology

You wouldn’t try to squeeze yourself into a shoe that didn’t fit, so why force something as important as the Voice of your Customers into tick boxes that don’t fit their opinions? Customers shouldn’t have to adapt their feedback to fit your requirements, which is why we advocate making it fun, easy and convenient for them. Allow them to share their thoughts with you in their own words, through a channel that suits them, at any time of day, and you’re more likely to receive richer insight.

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Capturing the Voice of the Customer

Our Rant & Rave Platform makes capturing feedback easy. Simply by asking “how are we doing?” customers can share their thoughts in their own words, via text message, voice recording, email, picture message, web widget or mobile. Our Event Triggered Requests can be sent out when you know your customers are likely to leave feedback, whilst our always-on Listening Posts allow your customers to share their feedback at any time of day.

Real-time Voice of the Customer

Products can become outdated over time, but your customers’ opinions and emotions are constantly changing. Voice of the Customer gives you the most up to date indicator of how your brand is performing, way before your latest sales figures and survey results are published. That’s why we do everything in real-time.

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Understanding the Voice of the Customer

Capturing feedback is only part of the challenge – to make the most of it you need to truly understand it. That’s where we’re different. The Rant & Rave Sentiment Engine uses Natural Language Processing to understand what your customers are really saying, decoding everything from idioms and sarcasm to the important details that are so often lost in technology.

Learning from your mistakes

Once the Voice of your Customers has been captured and analysed, it is presented back to you on your very own dashboard, allowing you to identify trends and themes and to take action in real-time. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, and understanding the Voice of the Customer in this way helps you to not only solve problems in the here and now, but also prevent them from reoccurring.

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Amplifying the Voice of the Customer

Your customers are Raving about you, so where do you go from here?  After a customer has shared their feedback with you our Amplify Module automatically identifies your Raving fans and asks them if they’d like to share their experience on their own social media pages. Helping to boost Word of Mouth and share with the world what a great job you’re doing. Simple.

How Our Clients Benefit

Response Rates
Increase in C-Sat, NPS and Effort Scores
Reduction in Complaints
More Actionable Insight

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“By capturing and understanding our customers thoughts we can proactively make changes for the better and continue to keep customers happy by doing the things they have Raved about.”

Molly Finnegan

Customer Strategy & Insight Manager

By asking their customers for feedback in real-time, Scottish Water has seen response rates of up to 50%! They now understand what matters most to their customers.