Our Customer Dean Ballard from Orbit Interviewed by HR Grapevine!

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Dean Ballard, Head of Performance Excellence at Orbit, reveals how the housing association implements workplace solutions.

How do you get staff to buy in to your workplace solutions?

The front line staff, who’ve seen a lot of things come and not quite land properly and then disappear, have a bit of cynicism and negativity towards them. We held a launch day and we had prizes and sweets, got some of the staff dressed up in costumes and took lots of photos.

A lot of senior managers and stakeholders were invited to talk too, so we really created the momentum at the start.

How did you keep that momentum going?

In the contact centre, to keep the momentum going, we’ve implemented daily huddles. There are two huddles on a daily basis; one for the team leaders, where they talk about performance of the previous day, including customer feedback, the customer satisfaction etc.

And then they relay this back to their individual teams.

What has the effect of this been?

What we’ve noticed is that it has reduced the sickness rate. We took a bit of a hit with the time they’re away from the customer, but that’s more than counterbalanced by that reduction of sickness.

What other incentives have you bought in to complement this solution?

We’ve done on-the-spot prizes, it’s not a lot but it’s more the act of recognising when someone had done well.

It’s more about making a fuss of the people because of the environment they are working in; its entry-level salary so it’s quite a difficult environment to retain workers and keep sickness rates down but actually all of these incentives ensure they remain engaged.

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