Salesforce Utilities Exec Dinner

Customer Trust & Emotion

  29th September at Bank Restaurant, Birmingham 

Salesforce and Rant & Rave are pleased to announce the inaugural Utilities Exec Dinner focused on Customer Trust & Emotion.

Feeling hungry?

The dinner taking place at the modern and stylish Bank Restaurant in Birmingham on the 29th of September will feature 2 guest speakers (to be announced soon) and will be a perfect opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in an informal environment.

The evening will start at 18:15 for drinks followed by a 3 course meal at 19:00.

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What’s on the menu?

During the course of the dinner we will discuss the following:

  • How to build trust with your employees and customers
  • How to move from satisfying your customers to emotionally engaging them
  • How to not just satisfy the regulator but create a great customer experience
  • How to add the relationship back into CRM – understand how your customers feel alongside important information such as revenue, churn, KPIs and other integral information

The event will be conducted under Chatham House Rules to ensure complete confidentiality.

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Licking your lips?

Spaces for this event are limited so please reserve your place…