Customer Satisfaction

What does Customer Satisfaction mean to you?

Fewer complaints? A higher Net Promoter Score? Increased profits?

More often than not, brands tend to focus on the end results – rushing to conduct Customer Satisfaction surveys and questionnaires that give them the metrics they need to shout about in the Boardroom. But Customer Satisfaction is much more than just a number; it’s a gateway to understanding your customers’ emotions and expectations, and more importantly, a means to continuously improve the Customer Journey. Read on to discover how you can not only boost Customer Satisfaction, but truly understand the wealth of knowledge that’s at your fingertips…

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What is Customer Satisfaction?

Philip Kotler defines Customer Satisfaction as “a person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment after comparing a product’s perceived performance or outcome against his/ her expectations”. It’s the core of any successful business, but it doesn’t come easy. In fact, the UK Customer Satisfaction Index recently reported an overall drop in Customer Satisfaction, crediting it to an increase in consumer expectations. But there are some simple tricks you can employ to ensure that you deliver a smooth and consistent Customer Experience and improve your Customer Satisfaction at the same time…

Boosting Customer Satisfaction through Customer Engagement

In today’s world where both good and bad Customer Service stories can go viral in a matter of hours, many brands now choose to include PR stunts in their Customer Satisfaction strategies. But the truth is, customers don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing experience in order to keep them happy. Instead, all they want is for things to be easy.

Research carried out by Harvard Business Review showed that 94% of customers who reported low effort would buy from the company again and 88% of those said that they would increase their spend.

By keeping your customers engaged throughout their experience with real-time, proactive communication you can reduce customer effort, avoid complaints, and dramatically boost Customer Satisfaction.

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What role do Customer Satisfaction surveys play?

These days it seems like Customer Satisfaction surveys are everywhere, everyone wants to know how you felt about your meal, the service, the delivery, the shirt you’ve just bought etc. It almost seems strange if someone doesn’t want to know, but the increase in popularity and an “everything but the kitchen sink approach” has led to an industry wide problem…survey fatigue.

Customers want to be able to give their feedback in real-time, which is why Customer Satisfaction surveys sent days, weeks or even months after the interaction are futile.

Gartner state that “feedback collected at the point of service delivery is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours later” and our 14 years experience has shown that asking for feedback in this way typically generates much higher response rates.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction through Voice of the Customer

Rather than relying on outdated survey methods, there is a more simple way of measuring Customer Satisfaction… using real-time Voice of the Customer.  Customers are never ‘somewhat satisfied’ and no survey can anticipate everything they think, which is why we advocate simply asking them ‘how are we doing?’ By letting customers respond in their own words, through the channel of their choice (text message, voice recording, or email) and at a time that’s suitable to them (not just between your 9-5 office hours!) you’ll capture much richer insight.

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Why is Customer Satisfaction important?

Too often emphasis is put on how dangerous unhappy customers can be to a company, and while we all know that shouting is louder than smiling, you should never underestimate the power of Customer Satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction is directly linked to Customer Loyalty, and a loyal, Raving Fan is worth its weight in gold. Satisfied customers will want to give personal recommendations, effectively becoming your unpaid sales force and opening the doors to countless new potential customers.

How can our technology help you improve Customer Satisfaction?

Our Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback solutions allow you to not only keep your customers engaged, but discover how well you’re meeting their expectations too, so you can use their insight to make valuable changes to your business, in real-time.

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