Discover The True Voice Of Your Customers

The world is Ranting and Raving. Everyday customers discuss what they love and hate about companies, but more often than not they’re talking to each other, not the brand involved. That’s why our Feedback solution is different. Designed to make sharing feedback simple, fun, and convenient for the customer, Rant & Rave lets you capture how your customers feel in the moment. The result? Higher response rates, richer insight and the opportunity to take real-time inspired action – transforming Ranters into Ravers and happy customers into lifelong advocates.

How Our Clients Benefit

Response Rates
Increase in C-Sat, NPS and Effort Scores
Reduction in Complaints
More Actionable Insight

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It’s All In The Moment

Customers are won and lost in real-time and they all have different Moments of Truth®. By offering your customers the choice of how and when to share their feedback response rates can exceed 50%.

The Rant & Rave Platform gathers feedback in two ways – Event Triggered Requests and Listening Posts.

Event Triggered Requests are sent at specific points when customers are likely to want to feedback – for instance when they check out of a hotel, receive a parcel or come to the end of an application process.

Listening Posts are on hand to capture feedback from customers whenever they feel the need, at moments that you can’t predict. They can be advertised in-store, on all customer facing documents and wherever customers might interact with your brand.

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Multi-Channel Feedback Across Every Customer Touchpoint

Multichannel: SMS
Multichannel: Voice
Multichannel: email
Multichannel: mms
Multichannel: Web
Multichannel: mobile

Instant Understanding

Capturing feedback is only part of the challenge – to make the most of it you need to truly understand it. The Rant & Rave Sentiment Engine uses Natural Language Processing to understand every word accurately and in real-time. Whilst 80% of all feedback is understood instantly, the Sentiment Engine also accounts for the intricacies of the English language. Sarcasm, idioms and emoticons can often cause inaccuracies in other text analysis solutions but uniquely the Rant & Rave Sentiment Engine will automatically flag any ambiguous items for human attention. A dedicated team are on hand to ensure everything is understood correctly – this service of Man and Machine working in harmony offers complete peace of mind to our clients.

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Clear, Actionable Insight

All feedback is presented back to you in a customisable dashboard, giving you an instant overview of how your business is performing and highlighting opportunities for praise (diamonds) and areas in need of improvement (icebergs). Automated alerts can be set up to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time and gamification can be used to engage employees and empower them to take action.

Turn Ranters Into Ravers

Customers don’t just want to be heard, they want their feedback to be acted upon too. The Recover module lets you respond to customers directly from the dashboard, and assigns tasks and escalates feedback in order of severity, so the right person can take appropriate action promptly.


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Discover More

The Discover module allows you to compare and contrast all of the insight collected in your dashboard with your other existing customer data. Not only does this prevent your information from existing in silos, it also lets you track the impact of changes in customer sentiment over time and assess the impact of process improvements on customer satisfaction.

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Amplify The Voice Of Your Ravers

Doing a great job? Want the world to know? The Amplify module lets you turn your passive ‘Promoters’ into vocal Ravers by encouraging them to share their positive feedback about you online.

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