The Rant & Rave Platform

The Rant & Rave platform combines the best of two worlds, giving you access to both our Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback solutions to help you take real-time inspired action and deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

There’s nothing more important than the relationship you have with your customers, which is why the Rant & Rave Platform is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring you closer together.

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Proactive Communication & Fast Feedback

Our Proactive Communication solution ensures your customers are always kept informed and engaged by sending them personalised, relevant messages throughout their journey. Whilst our Fast Feedback solution ensures you’re always there to capture their views, no matter how they choose to share them.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Platform is designed to not only reduce customer effort, but to help you work smarter, rather than harder. The advanced modules included in the Platform help you to automate your processes without any further input, so you can take real-time inspired action and transform your customers into Ravers, lifelong advocates.

Multi-channel Communication and Feedback throughout the Customer Journey

Multichannel: SMS
Multichannel: Voice
Multichannel: email
Multichannel: mms
Multichannel: Web
Multichannel: mobile

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How Our Clients Benefit From Our Real-Time Solutions

Response Rates
Reduction in Complaints
Average ROI for each client
Increase in C-Sat, NPS and Effort Scores
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