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Customer Engagement with a difference

Customer Engagement is defined by Paul Greenberg as “the ongoing interactions between a company and the customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.” But in a world where customers are flooded by choice and multiple brands compete for their business, what Customer Engagement strategies will ensure that your customers are Raving about you?

Exceptional Customer Engagement doesn’t happen by accident, and there’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to keeping your customers happy (you wouldn’t talk to your grandparents in the same way as you would with your best mate down the pub, right?). But by engaging your customers in the right way and at the right time, you can deliver an experience they won’t forget in a hurry.

Read on to discover three golden rules for Customer Engagement…

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Golden rule #1 Use Proactive Communication to Engage Customers

By keeping your customers informed throughout their journey (before they ask for it) you can reduce customer effort, avoid complaints, improve their experience and prevent them from having to chase you for information. A simple tip that ensures your customers are engaged every step of the way (and delighted at how easy you’ve made it for them!)

Case Study: DPD

International delivery company, DPD, successfully use our Proactive Communication Solution to keep their customers informed about where their parcel is and when it will arrive. They’ve realised the importance of Customer Engagement in today’s marketplace with the increased power customers have during the buying process.

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Case Study: Premier Inn

Premier Inn, the UK’s largest (and fastest growing!) hotel chain, implemented our Proactive Communication solution as part of their overall Customer Engagement strategy. They use our technology to confirm bookings, send reminders, encourage restaurant bookings and ensure that customers get there safely with maps and driving directions sent straight to their mobile phone.

Golden rule #2 Make Multi-channel Customer Engagement an Essential Part of Your Strategy

With technology now at our finger tips, gone are the days where face to face meetings or snail mail were the only ways in which you could interact with your customers. Consider using a combination of text message, voice message or email to keep your customers engaged.

According to Gartner, “SMS remains the single most powerful real-time Customer Engagement channel on the planet”.

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Golden rule #3 Use Customer Feedback to keep them engaged

Your Customer Engagement strategy shouldn’t end when your customer leaves the store, checks out of their room or hangs up the phone. Keep them engaged beyond the initial interaction! Ask customers for their feedback immediately afterwards, when their emotions are at their strongest and they’ll be much more likely to tell you how they really feel. Not only will this show you as a brand that genuinely cares about their experience, you can use the insight gathered to make vital improvements to your business.

Bain & Company state that 70% of defection is down to a poor Customer Experience, so if you can find your Ranters and acknowledge and resolve their problem, their repurchase probability can change from 32% to 89%.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

Your Ravers (happy, engaged customers) spend 3 times more than any other group and are responsible for influencing up to 50% of new customers as Word of Mouth champions! Your Ranters on the other hand, can tell up to 16 people about a bad experience – add social media to the mix and your Ranters’ audiences are bigger than ever!

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How can our Customer Engagement Technology help you?

We’re all about doing things in real-time – real-time communication, real-time feedback and real-time Customer Engagement.

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How Our Clients Benefit

Response Rates
Increase in C-Sat, NPS and Effort Scores
Reduction in Complaints
More Actionable Insight

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The MOD rely on the Rant & Rave Platform as a vital part of their Incident Communication strategy, sending out thousands of urgent messages globally.

Scottish Water do something unheard of in the water industry – receiving up to 50% response rates simply by asking their customers for feedback in real-time.