Rant & Rave in the Contact Centre

Contact Centres are at the front line of every business. They may not have a physical presence in your customers’ eyes, but they’re the first point of call whenever they have a query, problem or complaint, and the biggest source of customer insight when it comes to areas for improvement. So why are so many brands continuing to use outdated metrics such as Call Handling Time, Resolution Rates or Conversion to measure their performance?

 By using Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback together, you can monitor your Contact Centre Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction in real-time. Take a look at our resources to find out how.

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"Rant & Rave gives us the ability to find out what our subscribers really think in real-time, so we can react quickly"

− Beverley McIntyre, Head of Customer Operations, News UK

"By capturing and understanding our customers' thoughts in real-time, we can proactively make changes for the better and continue to keep customers happy by doing the things they have raved about."

− Molly Finnegan, Customer Strategy and Insight Manager, Scottish Water